Treat your body with a delicious and fragrant scrub. This sugar scrub recipe is very easy to prepare and is also good for your skin. A mint flavor soothes and inspires new feats.
sugar beige scrub in a glass jar with a tag

Sugar scrub at home

  • 200 gr – sugar (brown or white sugar)
  • 70 ml – base olive oil
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil

Sugar Scrub Face Recipe

  1. Choose a suitable container for mixing the ingredients and add sugar.
  2. In olive oil, add essential oil.
  3. Add the mixture of oils to sea salt and carefully transfer the resulting mass.
  4. If you do not intend to use immediately, pour the scrub into a tightly closed jar.

DIY sugar scrub

For the test, this sugar scrub was used, the skin after use is soft and delicate. The only condition is that the scrub cannot be rubbed into the skin too intensely, as you can injure it thereby. Take care of yourself with care and love. Be sure to use the cream after applying scrubs.

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