If you have delicate skin and sensitive skin, then this scrub is just for you. Due to the restorative properties of the pumpkin, the scrub reverses skin damage. Prepares quickly enough if you have already boiled pumpkin, which is often the case for lovers of natural food, especially in winter and autumn.

Organic Pumpkin Scrub

  • 1 piece boiled pumpkin
  • 1 part baking soda (take as much as you got pumpkins)
  • ¼ part of liquid honey


How to make a honey scrub at home?

  1. In the bowl, in which you will mix, pour the pumpkin
  2. Mix the pumpkin with soda
  3. Add honey to the mixture, if you have candied honey, better melt it in a water bath.
  4. Is done. But do not taste it, soda is not the most delicious ingredient!

Honey scrub at home

10-PumpkinAnd so, as they said, the taste of this scrub is not very. But as for his qualities as an exfoliant (scrubbing properties), they are excellent. It is suitable for those whose skin is hypersensitive and ordinary scrubs cause only irritation. All this thanks to baking soda. Honey, however, perfectly cleans the pores, and the pumpkin will nourish your skin. As a result, the skin after such a scrub is fresh, naturally radiant. In general, a wonderful natural scrub with your own hands.

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