The easiest type of paper packaging is presented at this time. Surely there was a pile of unnecessary magazines in the house, with thick glossy paper inside, and in fact nothing was wasted in the creative workshop. Today we will tell how to make handbags from newspapers and magazines and to revive faceless letters with new-year applications.

For a paper bag you will need:

Bag package do it yourself

  1. Thick glossy or newsprint
  2. Ruler, pencil, scissors and pva
  3. Hole puncher
  4. Ropes or ribbons for pens

For decorative Christmas trees are needed:

  1. Colored cardboard
  2. Multi-colored thread
  3. Self-bonding stars
  4. Decorative bows, etc.
  5. PVA glue and glitter glue
  6. Stapler

Paper packaging template:

  1. Let’s start with the paper bag template. In the height of the package is 14 cm, the bottom is 8cm × 5cm
    Bag package diagram
  2. We transfer the workpiece to a glossy, dense sheet of an old magazine of suitable size. Bend along the dotted lines, cut along the solid lines.
    Bag package master class
  3. From the top of the blank with a hole punch we punch 4 holes for future package handles.
    Template Gift Bag Package
  4. We coat the bottom and side valve of the bag with PVA and glue the assembled simple structure.
    How to make a bag of paper
  5. We will make several such blanks at once.
    Handmade paper bag
  6. We begin to decorate paper bags from magazines in different ways.
  7. Take a beige corrugated cardboard, thick blue yarn and satin ribbons for pens, to match the yarn.Bags from paper schemes
  8. Cut out the cardboard tree blank 7 cm at the base, 9 cm high and use a thick needle or awl to pierce the holes along the two sides of the Christmas tree made of paper.
    Paper craft bag
  9. With the help of a needle with a thick eye, we sew a Christmas tree diagonally with a thread.

Make a bag paper bag

  1. Attach it to the package with double-sided tape or glue.
    How to make a gift bag out of paper
  2. It remains to pass the satin blue ribbon through the holes punched in the hole punch. New Year’s package of newspapers number 1 is ready.

Cardboard Bag Pattern

Handmade paper bag

  1. For the second version of the package from the magazine you will need a dark green corrugated cardboard, self-adhesive asterisk and twine.
    Paper bag template
  2. For the Christmas tree will do the workpiece. To do this, fold a leaf, 7–9 cm high, fold it in half and draw a Christmas tree, transfer the resulting pattern to a green corrugated cardboard and cut it out.
    Paper Package Template
  3. Glue the Christmas tree on a paper bag.
    Gift Package Template
  4. We place the star self-bonding on top of the Christmas tree and cut the string, suitable for the package handles. Christmas bag for gifts from the newspapers number 2 is ready.
    DIY Gift Package
  5. The third bag will be decorated with a voluminous Christmas tree and a red bow.
    Paper bag do it yourself
  6. For the Christmas tree you will need green double-sided colored paper, from which we will cut a 9cm × 9cm square and fold it in half diagonally.
    DIY gift bags templates
  7. Retreat from the fold of 0.5 cm and hold the stop line.
    Paper Gift Bag Template
  8. Draw a line of cuts with a simple pencil, as shown in the figure, at a distance of at least 0.5 cm from each other.
    Making bags yourself
  9. Figured scissors cut the harvesting of the Christmas tree along the lines
    Paper crafts for the new year 2016

21.We expand the Christmas tree and eraser erase the lines from a simple pencil.Paper Gift Bags

  1. We collect the Christmas tree, for this, starting from the lower ones, bend the cut branches into pairs in pairs and glue the PVA, pressing down the tips well.

How to make a paper bag

  1. Glue to the top all the twigs and in the center of the Christmas tree promazh glue with glitters. Herringbone paper ready.
    Make a bag paper bag
  2. We collect all the blanks and attach them to the package from the magazine prepared in advance.
    Paper crafts for the new year
  3. From above, we will crown the Christmas tree with a red Christmas bow and attach handles for a paper bag. Packaging for gifts for the new year number 3 is ready.

DIY paper packaging

New Year's paper bag

The result of the manufacture of Christmas packaging

With the help of old magazines, bright paper and colored threads, we managed to create a master class of handbags from newspapers for the new year and prepare the packaging for our gifts. Note that the handbags turned out quite roomy, and easily withstand a small hand-made soap, candles for the new year and other nice amenities for the winter holidays.

Paper gift wrap

DIY packaging from paper schemes

DIY packaging for the New Year

Packaging for the new year 2016 handmade