If you are bored with the standard methods of pouring soap from scratch, try using this one. Very original and looks beautiful. The soap itself has a very good foam. The recipe for soap Peacock tail from scratch in the cold way is suggested below, the text translation from the video is also described under the video.

You will need:

  • Olive Oil – 26%
  • Apricot Oil – 23%
  • Palm kernel oil – 22%
  • Coconut Oil – 14%
  • Castor oil – 8%
  • Mango Butter – 7%

Bleeding off soap will give you 7%, a mixture of citrus oils was added to the fragrance.

1.Mix melted oils with dissolved alkali until a very light trace appears.

2. Each bottle, as in the video, has already poured a teaspoon of mica of various colors, which were previously ground with a small amount of olive soap until smooth

3. Add titanium dioxide and selected essential oils to the base.

4. Mix well

5. Oops, you did not see it 😉

6. Make sure that the base of my base keeps track (shaking the bottles for mixing colors performs the same function)

7. This is what happens when I try to be accurate and accurate.

8. Now I will be a little more careful and start applying different colors for swirls.

9. The shape that I use, if someone is interested – Mold on 12 pounds (the name of the form)

10. In my first attempt, I tried to use a comb to create waves, but the colors mixed up as the waves got too close

11. Voila, Peacock Soap soap is ready!