For lovers of eco-style, we present a master class for making baskets made of corrugated cardboard in inconspicuous beige tones. In such packaging for soap you can put refined soap from scratch from natural ingredients, handmade bath bombs, natural creams, bath salt with aroma oils and other homemade cosmetics.

For clarity, we present the descriptions of a small gift basket, 10cm × 10cm in size, and a large basket 16cm × 16cm.

Packaging for soap at home

To make a paper basket you will need:

  1. A4 leaf beige corrugated cardboard for a small basket, and 2 leaves for a large basket.
  2. Ruler, pencil.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Stapler.
  5. Double sided tape.

Step-by-step instructions for wrapping paper in a basket

Handmade soap packaging template

  1. For a small basket in eco style cut the strip of corrugated cardboard:
  • 16cm × 2.5cm – 10 strips
  • 25cm × 2.5cm – 2 strips

Packaging template for soap

  1. From 6 short strips we begin to weave a box.

New Year's packaging from corrugated cardboard

Handmade Corrugated Box

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

  1. We spread the sticks so that in the center we get a square 10cm × 10cm, this is the bottom of the basket.
    Crafts from corrugated cardboard do-it-yourself master class
  2. The remaining 4 short strips, with a stapler fasten along the extreme “tails” from all four sides, not fastening them only in the corners between each other.

How to make a box of corrugated cardboard

Volume crafts from corrugated cardboard

  1. Using a ruler, with the fire side of the box for gifts, 3 cm high.

Corrugated board applications

Corrugated packaging

  1. We will temporarily fasten the assembled construction with clips and wrap with two long prepared strips of paper on the outside of the basket, fix it with a stapler, cut off the excess.

Corrugated packaging materials

Box of corrugated cardboard do it yourself

  1. Basket for cosmetics with their hands ready.

Corrugated cardboard gift box template

Self-assembled corrugated cardboard boxes

  1. Similarly, we will assemble a large basket, the bottom of which is 16 cm × 16 cm, and the height of the sides is 5 cm. To do this, we cut 12 strips 26 cm × 2.5 cm for the box and two or three strips for the rim (cut along the side of A4 leaf).
  2. We lay out a square of 8 strips with a size of 16cm × 16cm, and further, everything is the same as when assembling a small basket.
  3. As a result, we have 2 wonderful baskets for gifts.

Corrugated Boxes

  1. For packing soap, you can buy sesal, raffia or paper filler. If the house did not have the desired decor, it can be done. Paper filler from napkins do it yourself, what could be easier. To do this, simply cut the napkins with scissors into stripes 0.5-1 cm wide, along the napkin length, take a little for volume, and fill our baskets for soap.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Crafts from corrugated cardboard for the new year

  1. Packing and home decoration are ready. It remains to knead the soap and pack everything in cellophane, tied on top with string or a suitable ribbon.
    Handmade corrugated cardboard crafts

Christmas crafts from corrugated cardboard

Production of corrugated cardboard boxes

13. If you want to use at the same time 2 boxes for souvenirs, then small and large baskets suitable for the size, made in our master class, must be fixed together with double-sided tape, securing the tape to the bottom of the smaller basket.

The result of the manufacture of corrugated packaging

Quick blanks that do not require additional templates allow you to make baskets for soap in 15-20 minutes. We have presented eco-style packaging, however, using the same master class, you can make bright baskets using multi-colored two-sided cardboard.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated crafts

Corrugated Boxes