The transparency of the soap provides glycerin and non-opaque base oils. In order to prepare a transparent soap with your own hands, we use a simple recipe. There will be no alcohol in its composition, and this is a great advantage of this recipe from other master classes on making transparent soap from scratch handmade.

Clear soap recipe

Transparent soap for soap making is just a godsend. Available soap recipe allows you to fill it in different forms, paint in a variety of colors. The result is a wonderful transparent handmade soap at home.

How to make a transparent soap

  • 120 g – castor oil
  • 30 g – pork fat
  • 150 g – coconut oil
  • 45.7 g – alkali NaOH
  • 90 g – water
  • 210 g – glycerin
  • Bottle of alcohol with a spray.

Clear soap at home

Transparent handmade soap

  1. The master class of a transparent soap base begins with safety, in the manufacture of soap from scratch in a hot way.
  2. We prepare all the ingredients and accessories.
  3. We weigh solid oils and heat them in a water bath or in a microwave oven.
  4. We measure off water and alkali.
  5. Slowly add alkali to ice water.
  6. The temperature of oils and alkaline solution should be approximately equalized with a difference of 5-7 degrees Celsius.
  7. Pour the alkaline solution into the fats through a strainer.
  8. Turn on the mixer and beat the future soap until a trace is formed.
  9. The mass brought to a trace is sent to a water bath. Cover with a lid, you can put a cotton towel under the lid so that the rising condensate does not get into the soap.
  10. Periodically soap interfere, but not often.
  11. After 2 hours, the indicator strip measures the pH. The soap is ready if the litmus paper turns a light green color.
  12. To get a transparent soap base with your own hands, in the finished soap, pour the necessary amount of glycerin.
  13. Without removing from the water bath, we continue to cook on very low heat until homogeneous.
  14. Gradually the soap becomes discolored and in 40 minutes it will become transparent.
  15. Appearing foam can be sprinkled with alcohol, mix and if reappeared, sprinkle again.
  16. Fill the soap in the form, it is better through a sieve, from above you can again fluff with alcohol.
  17. Leave to freeze at room temperature. It is impossible to store such basis in the refrigerator, the soap will immediately grow cloudy.
  18. Frozen transparent soap is removed from the molds, store it better, wrapped in cellophane.

Photo of transparent soap

The resulting soap base is transparent in appearance and has a lot of positive properties. This soap can be used immediately or used as a blank for other soap masterpieces. This soap base can be melted in the microwave, in a water bath and painted, to fill multi-layered multi-colored soap.

Transparent handmade soap

With this simple recipe, you too can make a transparent soap, the photo of which is plentiful on the Internet. Inspiration you and soap without bubbles.