Red fruits of mountain ash, ripening closer to winter, are widely used in cosmetics for hair. We use the useful properties of mountain ash and tell you how to make a mask and conditioner for oily hair from mountain ash.

Useful properties of mountain ash for hair:

  • saturates hair follicles with microelements
  • restores lifeless hair structure
  • nourishes the scalp
  • makes hair docile and soft
  • gives shine to hair
  • fights dandruff
  • prevents hair loss
  • perfect remedy for greasy hair

The ripe fruits of mountain ash resemble miniature paradise apples. Each fruit is saturated with glucose, fructose and sucrose, contains sorbic acid possessing antiseptic effects and other organic acids, karatin, vitamin P in large amounts.

Rowan in cosmetics with their own hands is used both in dried form, and from freshly harvested berries. Dry fruits of mountain ash can be bought at the pharmacy, on the market and even in a regular supermarket. Umbrellas of rowan berries can also be collected by yourself, only this should be a park area located far from the roadway.

Rowan mask for oily hair

Toning mask rowan recipe


4 tbsp. – ripe berries of the red fruit of the mountain ash

You will also need a blender with sharp knives or a meat grinder, as well as a shower cap and towel.

Recipe for face masks at home:

1. Separate rowan berries from inflorescences.

Rowan hair masks

2. Measure out 4 tbsp. spoon of fruit and rinse with warm water.

Mask Rowan photo

3. Skip the prepared mountain ash through a meat grinder or interrupt with a blender.

Rowan red face masks

Hair masks at home

4. We shift into a convenient container, rowan hair mask is ready.

Homemade hair growth masks

5. Rub the mask in the hair roots, well.

6. Put on a polyethylene shower cap or a bag on the head and warm with a towel on top.

7. Leave the mask on the roots for 20-30 minutes.

8. Wash off with warm water without shampoo.

9. Unused rowan mask can be stored in the refrigerator until the next time, but not more than one week.

Properties of the face mask:

By applying a mask 2 times a week, you can gradually get rid of the problem of excessively oily hair with folk remedies. Each hair is nourished with vitamins, mountain ash will regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands, dandruff will win, hair will become stronger and become healthy. You can enhance the result with a rowan rinse, the recipe of which is given below.

Recipe Rowan conditioner against oily hair with lemon juice

Rowan from mountain ash

Homemade Hair Rinse


2-3 tablespoons – ripe fruits of mountain ash (can be dry)

2 tbsp. l – freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 l – purified water (boiling water)

You also need gauze or strainer

Hair conditioner recipe:

1. Rowan berries are removed from the twigs.

Hair rinse at home

2. Recruit 2-3 Art. spoons of red berries and wash with warm water.

Hair Rinse Recipe

3. Boil 1 liter of filtered or mineral water.

4. Fill the fruits of mountain ash for rinsing boiling water.

Prepare hair rinse

5. We put on the stove, bring to a boil, cover with a lid and keep on low heat for 10 minutes.

Hair conditioner do it yourself

6. Turn off the plate, crush or boil the rowan berries with a spoon or spoon and leave to stand for 40-60 minutes.

7. We cool the cooled ashberry broth, squeeze the berries, collecting all the vitamins in one container.

8. Squeeze out 2 tbsp of lemon. spoon juice and add to the decoction.

9. Rowanberry conditioner for greasy hair is ready with your own hands.

Recipes for homemade hair rinses

10. We rinse the hair with a rowan broth after each shampooing of the scalp, if necessary, heat the broth to a comfortable temperature.

Rowan for hair

Rowan berries for hair

Application of lemon rinse:

After 1-2 weeks the hair will begin to accumulate the beneficial properties of mountain ash, enhanced by the action of lemon juice. Hair will no longer shine, become strong and healthy. An easy-to-cook recipe for a mountain ash hair rinse with lemon does not take much time, save money on expensive professional cosmetics and thank you for beautiful hair.

Rowan Hair Tonic

Tonic for mountain ash

Tonic rowan do it yourself

Natural Rowan Hair