Homemade soap

Homemade soap has become a hit in the last two or three years, and is currently very popular.

Components for its manufacture can be purchased online, in a pharmacy and even in a regular supermarket. But the answers to the question of how to make homemade soap, you will find on our website.

How to make homemade soap

There are several options for making soap at home. Each method does not require special skills and costs. For the first time, it is enough to choose a detailed soap recipe. It is always nice when a photo is supported by step-by-step instructions, and then you can clearly not only read, but also see how to make soap.

On our site you will find a lot of useful information about the manufacture of homemade soap, as well as step-by-step recipes.

Homemade soap recipes

The variety of the proposed methods allows you to make soap from the natural components with the addition of various flavors, colors, scrubbing ingredients, etc. Addition to this soap can serve all sorts of jewelry that will make it even more attractive. The perfect design of the soap are all sorts of molds that allow you to fill in various silhouettes, geometric shapes, animal figures. An example of this was the monkey mold, into which we poured a beautiful banana-scented soap.

Monkey soap

On the pages of our site we place interesting soap recipes, which we gladly share with you. We ourselves learn, and we show you the result. So, for example, we made glycerin soap, and were very pleased with the final product.

Glycerin soap at home

Homemade soap at home

In the future we plan to try out even more attractive ideas for making soap at home. All the results must be posted on our website.