Very light, gentle soap with a delicate aroma and the same texture. Prepared from real silk, hot. The process will take longer than if prepared in a cold way, but you can use it much faster. Next, we offer you a detailed recipe for soap with silk and jojoba oil.

Silk soap
soap from scratch with silk and jojoba oil

  • Alkali NaOH – sodium hydroxide – 248 g;
  • Distilled water, can be frozen – 580 g;
  • Silk yarn chopped – 2-3 tbsp. (until 3 %);

The composition of oils:

  • Coconut – 550 g;
  • Olive – 460 g;Olive oil can be partially (50/50) or completely replaced with Rapeseed, which will give the soap extra silkiness.
  • Palm – 360 g;
  • Sunflower – 360 g;
  • Jojoba – 120

Essential oils of choice, it all depends on the properties – from 0.5 to 10%;

Pigments (dyes) – at will.

Silk Soap Recipe

  1. Considering all the security measures, pour the measured amount of alkali in the icy water.lye and silk for adding to soap from scratchIn the heated (due to alkaline reaction) solution, add pre-crushed pieces of unstained silk threads. The more crushed the silk was, the faster it would dissolve. As a result of hydrolysis, the solid silk fibers are broken down into useful amino acids and proteins.

    Enter only natural non-dyed silk threads (fibers), or natural cocoons without silkworm, moisten silk in water before use.

  2. At the same time on a quiet fire we drown Coconut and Palm Oil, then pour in Olive, Palm and Sunflower liquid oils.
  3. Combine the oils with the cooled alkaline solution with silk, and whip with a spoon or a mixer until a trace is obtained, injecting overfat – jojoba oil. Kohl has an idea to aromatize and dye the soap from scratch in a hot way, then it’s time to add flavor and dye. Moreover, it is possible to paint both the whole mass in one color, and in different colors, dividing the soap mass in different containers.
  4. Prepare the form, we cover it with parchment. We shift the prepared soap base to the form, alternating colors if the soap has been painted in several colors, not isolating. We leave our masterpiece until complete solidification, within a day. Then, remove from the mold and cut into elegant sticks. Hot soap will ripen from 4 to 6 weeks.

To evenly distribute the freshly welded soap in shape, tap on the bottom and walls of the parchment lined with parchment.

Jojoba Soap

The resulting soap is luxurious silky to the touch, gives a soft creamy thick skin, silk protein, along with jojoba oil, moisturize and care for the skin remarkably, preventing the development of bacteria.