bag packing for soap do it yourself

Do you want to make a package for a Halloween gift with your own hands, in the form of a fragrant sun pumpkin? We are ready to share with you how it is easy and simple to make up even with the children.

To make a small package that can hold pumpkin handmade soap, bath bombs, a jar of lip gloss, or fragrant salt, we need:

Orange cardboard:

set of colored cardboard on the table

  • 1-2 A4 leaves (landscape sheet) – for juicy pumpkin slices;
  • 1 sheet A5 (½ album sheet) – for the base of the handbag;
  • 1 sheet of A4 corrugated cardboard (you can use regular cardboard) – for the side walls of the bag and pen

A couple of shades of green cardboard, for the leaflets and stems of our pumpkin

  • Ruler and pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and / or double sided tape
  • PVA glue
  • Leaf in the box to create templates (optional)

Step-by-Step Halloween Pumpkin Packing Instructions

For clarity, we show the details of our packaging on a piece of paper in the box.

template pumpkin slices for a paper bag do it yourself pattern paper bag items

  1. Element 1 is the base of the bag, 2 is the handle, 3 is the side flaps (2 elements), 4 is the pumpkin slices (10 elements)
  2. Cut out 1,2,3 elements along solid lines, fold them along dotted lines. Element 4 – cut an oval around the contour.
  3. Pattern 1 is placed on an orange A5-sized cardboard, or half A4.white sheet of paper on orange
  4. We fold the cardboard blank so that the colored part remains inside the base of the bag.
  5. 6Pattern 2 and 3 lay out on the orange corrugated cardboard, cut and cut out.
  6. ready-made items for a bag of pumpkins do it yourselfHandle bags can not fold along the contour, and leave wide. Using a stapler, attach the handle to the sides of the narrow side, and attach the sides with a double-sided tape to the walls of the base of the bag.
  7. To hide the stapler brackets, double-sided tape we attach a square of corrugated cardboard 3 cm × 3 cm on the side.homemade packaging handle for cardboard soap
  8. We outline the pattern 4 on the orange cardboard and cut out 10 elements. You can cut and cut along with the children, the kids in your presence will cope with this task easily.
    orange cardboard cut mugs
  9. Using glue or double-sided tape, fasten the slices on the basis of the bag, 5 elements on each side, starting with the extreme. We are not afraid to attract children to this simple stage, too.
    orange ovals and glue
  10. Attach all ten slices on both sides.                                                  10 almost finished pumpkin bag
  11. 13From a green cardboard of two shades we cut a leaf and a stem, PVA attach the blanks at the top of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin bag

That’s all, so looks like our good Halloween soap packaging for yourself.

For elegance, soap or jars of cosmetics can be wrapped in lime or orange silk, organza or paper, before being placed in a pumpkin-shaped bag.