We dedicated this master class to creating a brutal box for packing men’s soap. The decorative element was a butterfly tie in eco style, which has recently become a very fashionable accessory, among stylish guys. Homemade perfumed soap or soap bars for men’s themes, it is wonderful to present in such a box. In a 7.5cm × 12.5cm package, one large soap for men or a few small cubes will fit.

Master class with photo boxes for a man’s gift

For the butterfly box, you will need:
Packaging Materials

  1. Beige corrugated cardboard – 2 A4 sheets
  2. Dark brown corrugated cardboard – 1 A4 sheet
  3. Ruler pencil
  4. Large and small scissors
  5. Stapler
  6. Double-sided tape or PVA glue

How to make a box for soap

  1. We create simple templates from paper on sheets in a cage. The lid and box will vary around the perimeter to fit well together. The useful area of the box is 7.5 cm × 12.5 cm, with a wall height of 3 cm.
    Gift Wrap Template
  2. Draw a paper bow tie patterns. The decorative element consists of two parts. Butterfly 1 has slotted elements. In the center, we have designated a heart; if desired, you can cut a volume capital letter of the name of a loved one, or another desired monogram. Butterfly 2 is cut out of cardboard, contrasting in color to the main box and the butterfly 1.
    Butterfly pattern
  3. Getting to the creation of packaging. To do this, we transfer the lid pattern (a rectangle measuring 14 cm × 19 cm) to a beige corrugated cardboard, cut it in solid lines, bend under the ruler along the dotted lines.
    Handmade packaging template
  4. We assemble the cardboard box lid and connect it with four stapler brackets.
    How to make packaging for soap
  5. Similarly, we create the bottom box from a rectangle of 13.5 cm × 18.5 cm: cut, bend, fasten with a stapler. Eco-friendly packaging for soap is ready. It remains to decorate the boxes.
    Handmade soap packaging
  6. We transfer the patterns of butterflies to cardboard and cut. Miniature elements are easier to cut with nail scissors.
    How to make packaging for handmade soap
  7. We connect a brown and beige butterfly with each other with double-sided tape or white glue.
    Gift Wrap for Men
  8. A decorative bow tie is attached to the box with its own hands, and the gift wrapping for the beloved man is ready.
    Corrugated Packaging

How to make packaging for soap

The result of our creativity is a stylish box for packing men’s soap as a gift for February 23, on St. Valentine’s Day, for a birthday or just like that. For such a box we recommend using exactly corrugated cardboard, this material from thick paper is as good as possible echoing the fashionable men’s butterflies in eco style, creating the necessary texture.
Handmade soap packaging