We always threw out tubs from toilet paper. And really, why are they needed? But then, we found this wonderful way to pack a small gift, for example, a small handmade soap dish or a small jar of cream. It turns out quite nice packaging, with something with minimal cost.

Toilet paper packaging

  • toilet paper tube
  • a small piece of decorative paper or fabric with an appropriate print
  • twine or ribbon
  • glue or silicone

Instructions for creating packaging:

Then everything is very simple, you need to do everything, as in the photo instructions below.

beautiful cylinder packaging from toilet paper


Gift box packaging

The packaging turns out to be original, and you can beat it with any decorations to your taste, getting different design options, your own reason. And just need to select the desired decorative paper or fabric or twine. You can also stick decorative items and get romantic packaging. In this packaging option, everything will depend on your imagination and the decorations that you can find.