We continue to create simple Valentine’s Day packaging and propose an original idea. Inspiration served as inserts-recognition of the beloved chewing gum “Love is …”, in the end we got small bags for packing handmade soap, bath bombs, candles, and other lovely presents for your beloved people.

Love is chewing gum

Gift wrapping for February 14

Gift wrapping for February 14

  1. 1 sheet of thick white paper, A4
  2. 1 small piece of red cardboard
  3. Ruler pencil
  4. Large and small scissors
  5. 1 liner “Love is …”
  6. PVA glue or double sided tape
  7. Decorative pebbles or beads self-bonding
  8. Twine or ribbon 30 cm long

Master class gift on February 14

  1. We will cover white thick paper according to the proposed pattern. The handbag of this pattern comes out small: bottom – 5cm × 8cm, height 10cm.Packing Template for February 14
  2. Let’s bend on dotted lines, for convenience, using a ruler. Cut in solid.
    Valentine's Day Gift Wrap Template
  3. Preparation of paper packaging is ready, but we will not glue it together yet.
    Gift wrapping template for a loved one for February 14
  4. Begin to decorate the handbag. To do this, create a heart pattern that should fit into the size of the wide side of the bag 8cm × 10cm. Inside the heart, draw a window for the liner, size: 4cm × 5.5cm.
    Wrapping Heart Pattern
  5. The template is transferred to red cardboard and with small scissors we cut a heart and a window.
    Heart Gift Wrapping Template
  6. Select the appropriate liner “Love is …”. All such romantic, guided by the addressee. Pre-liners can be ironed.
    Gift wrapping Love is
  7. Connect the frame with the heart of the liner, glue together, first among themselves, and then to the larger wall of the package for Valentine’s Day.
    Gift Wrap
  8. We decorate the heart with the liner “Love is …” with stones with self-bonding, laying them out as you wish.
    Making a gift on February 14

Handmade gift packages9. The next step is attaching the handles of the bag. To do this, we make a hole by simply piercing the hole with scissors and turning them around in a circle several times. You can use the hole punch, but the bag is tiny, the holes may be too large.Handmade Gift Boxes

10. We pass the string and tie it on the knots, the handles are ready.DIY gift wrapping

11. It remains to assemble the package and glue the side flap and the bottom of the bag with glue. If you worry that the bag is not strong, strengthen the bottom with thick cardboard. To do this, cut a rectangle 8cm × 5cm in size and glue it inside the bag on the bottom.Gift Bag Template

12. Finish the top of the finished product inside, as shown in the photo packaging for gifts.Gift Bag Template

Gift wrapping for February 14

13.Let’s make some more types of such handbags, with different liners “Love is …”, laying out shiny stones of self-bonding in different ways.

Gift wrapping for Valentine's Day

14. Packages for Valentine’s Day gifts are ready.

Packages for Valentine's Day Gifts

Gift wrapping for Valentine’s Day

Handmade gift bag

For a handbag, only one piece of thick paper is consumed, a small portion of red cardboard, and one liner from the “Love is …” gum. Instead of white paper, you can use double-sided cardboard of any color. In such packages you can put soap on Valentine’s Day Bear Tedy, Love from, soap with a water-soluble picture, or in the shape of a heart. Packages with their own hands are durable, withstand gifts weighing up to 200 grams. Give gifts, beautifully designed with their own hands.

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