DIY gift wrapping is a wonderful way to present handmade soaps, bath bombs, sea salt saturated with your favorite aroma oils, etc. The materials used for the baskets are varied, this results in various forms and types of packaging made from natural materials or paper:

  • baskets of birch bark
  • baskets of wicker
  • felt baskets
  • newspaper tube baskets
  • Corrugated cardboard bow
  • etc.

We offer a simple master class basket of corrugated cardboard as an idea for gift wrapping with your own hands. The basket pattern is so simple that even a child can handle such work.

How to make a basket for a gift

How to make a basket for a gift

  1. A leaf of a corrugated cardboard of beige color.
  2. Corrugated leaf brown.
  3. Ruler.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Stapler.
  7. Glue or double sided tape (optional)

DIY gift wrap template

  1. From a beige cardboard cut off a rectangle with a size of 20 cm × 7 cm, so that the strips of goforokarton would be located along the blank.
  2. We turn over the remaining beige leaf and cut a rectangle across the corrugated cardboard strips; this is the future handle of the bast basket, the size of which is 20 cm × 2.5 cm. With this arrangement of the pattern, the handle will gently bend without extra creases.
  3. From a brown corrugated cardboard cut a rectangle measuring 20cm × 3cm.
  4. Three small blanks for the basket are ready, it remains to cut them into small strips.How to make a gift wrapping
  5. Handle for a bast basket is already a finished item.
  6. We take a beige corrugated cardboard and cut it into 7 strips, 1 cm wide.
  7. Brown corrugated cardboard cut into 6 long strips, 1 cm wide, and then each cut in half. Five brown strips 10cm × 1cm are used in weaving a basket, and the sixth is cut in half as a handle decor in the last stage.Gift Wrap Template
  8. We begin to collect a basket, for this we take two long beige stripes and put them face down in parallel, at a distance of 10 cm from each other.
  9. Exactly in the center we apply a brown strip face up and staple brown and beige corrugated cardboard with a stapler.Packaging Materials
  10. We do the same with the remaining four brown stripes, securing them from each other at a distance of 0.5-0.7 cm.
    Handmade gift wrap template
  11. At the next stage we begin to weave light-brown corrugated cardboard, not forgetting to lower the strips face down. First weave the central striped.
    DIY gift wrap template
  12. Next, we interweave all the other blanks, alternating weaving up and down.
    Cardboard packaging template
  13. The result is a wicker blank bag made of cardboard, this is the bottom and side of the basket.

Gift basket

How to make a basket with your own hands

  1. Align all the stripes in one line.
    Gift wrapping
  2. With our hands we will give a rounded shape, as shown in the photo of the blank for the basket.
    Gift Wrap Template
  3. Using the ruler strip we will form the sides of the corrugated cardboard basket in a fast way.
    Corrugated basket
  4. Make a bend on both sides, there is a clear preparation of the basket.
    Handmade Gift Packaging
  5. With a large stapler, we fasten the tips of the sides with one push. If the stapler is small, pair the strips in pairs with several clips.
    Как сделать упаковку для подарка

Gift Wrapping

19. It remains to attach the handle to the basket, we will also do this with a stapler, and we will decorate the brackets with a small piece of brown corrugated cardboard, gluing it with glue or double-sided tape.

Handmade cardboard packaging

20. Bast basket for gifts with their own hands ready.

DIY Cardboard Packaging

Packaging for handmade gifts

Fast and simple cardboard basket requires little money and time. The useful area of our bast basket is 10cm × 8cm along the bottom, which allows you to place a medium-sized gift. The strong design will sustain 100-200 gram gift. Our little basket is in eco style, in the colors of natural wood, but the cardboard can be colored, or soft white. Imagine, and we will try to present you new packaging ideas for soap and cosmetics with your own hands.

Gift basket with your own hands

Gift Basket

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