For small gifts it is easy to make simple hand-wrapping paper bags from your own hands. Not complex packaging template does not need to print to the printer. It is enough to put a few marks, bend the leaf, and with the help of two stapler clips attach the handle to the bag. Such packages are used for soap, chocolate, biscuits, and for various favors prepared for Valentine’s Day.

Packing template for Valentine’s Day (February 14)

Packaging Materials

  1. A4 thick white paper
  2. A4 leaf of red corrugated cardboard
  3. Ruler and pencil
  4. Stationery scissors and small scissors with curved ends
  5. Stapler

Heart package

  1. From a white dense leaflet we cut out a square of 21 cm × 21 cm. The remaining small piece is not thrown away, it is still useful to us.
    DIY packaging
  2. The packaging pattern is simple and does not require complex construction. It is enough to divide a large square into 9 small ones, measuring 7 cm × 7 cm.
    Holiday Package Template
  3. Using the ruler we will turn the leaf along the dotted lines.
    Valentine's Day Packaging Template
  4. The next step is to fold the leaf diagonally, from right to left, unfold it and fold it from left to right, unfold it again and temporarily lay down the workpiece.
    Making packaging at home
  5. We return to a small piece of white paper, fold it in half and draw a half heart.
    Handmade paper packaging
  6. Next, cut out the pattern of the heart, it is more convenient to do it with small scissors with curved ends
    DIY paper packaging
  7. We cut the cut heart into the central squares of the bag blank and draw a pencil around it 4 times.
    DIY packaging template
  8. Use small scissors to cut out the heart icons on the bag.
    Holiday Package Template
  9. We collect a handbag, bending the sides and forming a volume.
    Box template for Valentine's Day
  10. From the red corrugated cardboard cut a strip of paper 1.5 cm wide, 29 cm long.
    Packaging Materials
  11. It remains to attach the handle to the bag of paper. To do this, we connect the two corners of the white blank and with one touch of the stapler we connect it with a paper handle.
    Paper bag
  12. We turn the workpiece over and join the corners of the bag with the handle on the other side.
    Packing paper bag

Boxes patterns for Valentine’s Day

Box for Valentine's Day

It takes 10 minutes to make such a package. The cost of a handmade bag is minimal. If you do not have a thick cardboard, for light gifts, you can use the usual high-density album sheets. We offer only simple packaging ideas. If desired, this paper bag template can be further decorated with ribbons, small stones with self-bonding, or the cut windows can be sealed with a transparent film. We wish you inspiration and creative ideas.

Box for February 14

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