On a winter night, from 7 to 8 February 2016, the Fire Monkey will take over the rights of the Eastern calendar. Despite the fact that we have already celebrated the New Year, why not pamper your friends with handmade gifts and arrange them in such a charming package. Especially for the site With our own hands, we ourselves have created templates for packing with a monkey and are happy to share all the secrets with you. At the base of the packaging there is a rather roomy 10.5 cm × 6 cm box. This box can be used for gift soaps, candles, bath bombs and other presents that you plan to give during the whole current year.

Gift wrapping in the form of a monkey

Monkey Cardboard Pattern

For our Monkey from cardboard will need:

  1. A4 leaf red-orange two-sided cardboard
  2. Half A4 Brown Cardboard
  3. Half A4 orange cardboard
  4. Self-bonding eyes
  5. Double sided tape
  6. Check boxes for creating patterns
  7. Ruler, pencil and scissors
  8. Black paste pen

Monkey patterns for carving

  1. We start with the blanks and first of all tell you how to build a simple template for the box. On a piece of paper in the box draw the base of the box, the size of which is 10.5 cm × 6 cm. Down we draw: on each side on 3 cm, on the center of 5 cm and we connect points by the smooth line. On the side faces we will make wings 1 cm each.

In the sides we draw: from above on 5 cm, from below on 3 cm and we connect the smooth line. On the wide edges, we will add wings of 1 cm.

We draw upward: at the extreme points of the box we lay up 5 cm. From the side faces we lay 3 cm away and 1.5 cm up. Smooth line connect the points at a height of 5cm and 6.5cm. Putting the top another 1.5 cm, then in the direction of 4.5 cm and down 1.5 cm. Thus, it turns out the edge is 8cm tall.

Paper monkey application ready

Monkey cutout pattern

  1. We transfer the template to a double-sided cardboard.
    Monkey pattern for appliqué
  2. Fold back the walls of the box and wings. Temporarily set aside the workpiece.
    Cardboard Monkey Pattern
  3. We proceed to the creation of decorative elements, which in the future will be transferred to brown cardboard. Create a template of a monkey’s head out of paper from an oval 8cm × 5.5cm. Let us draw oval ears to the head, a little angled and cheerful forelock. Next, we prepare an oval 3cm × 4cm – the future paws of a monkey from cardboard. For pens, draw a blank 3cm long, 1.5cm wide and with a cam at the base 2.5cm.
    Paper monkey pattern
  4. We transfer preparations on a brown cardboard. Please note that the head should be cut mirror. To do this, circle the template once, cut the workpiece. Take the paper head with the colored side towards you and attach it to the non-colored side of the cardboard, circle and cut. This way you will have two glue joints interconnecting with each other and, as a result, a brown monkey paper head on both sides.
    Cardboard monkey head
  5. We proceed to the creation of templates for the monkey’s face, ear and heel, which we later transfer to orange cardboard. For the muzzle we draw an oval 7cm × 4cm, above we add two circles, with a radius of 1cm and combine all with smooth lines. The result is a template, a photo of which is presented below. For the ear, draw an oval 1cm × 1.5cm. For heels, create an oval 2cm × 3cm.
    How to make monkey ears from cardboard
  6. As a result, we got:
    How to make a monkey to cut
  • two mirror blanks of the monkey’s head
  • one preparation of the monkey’s muzzle
  • two orange ears
  • two legs
  • two heels
  • two monkey pens
  • cardboard box preparation for packaging
  1. Let’s start with a paper monkey head. On one of the brown blanks of the head with the help of PVA or double-sided tape we fasten the ears, the muzzle and add self-adhesive running eyes. If you do not have them, cut out the eyes of white and black cardboard, a small diameter, and glue on the muzzle.
    Monkey Head Pattern
  2. Take a pen or a black marker and draw a smile and a nose to our funny little monkey.
    How to make a monkey out of paper
  3. We glue together in pairs the blanks of the legs and heels of the monkey.
    Monkey ears made of cardboard
  4. All elements are ready, we begin to assemble a packing box for soap with a monkey, connecting all the elements together with double-sided tape.
    Monkey Packing Template
  5. At first, we fasten the head to the highest side of the package with the muzzle, as if putting it on the neck and shoulders.
    Gift wrapping in the form of a monkey
  6. We turn the workpiece over and glue the head, getting exactly along the contour of the front part. We glue double-sided tape on the side flaps, but we will not remove the protective coating from it.
    Cardboard monkey
  7. Attach the paws to the opposite side of the box, as shown in the photo of the box with the monkey.
    Applique monkey cardboard
  8. Remove the protective coating from the tape on the sides and collect the box with the monkey. It remains to attach the handle-cams, we fix them, too, with double-sided tape on the two front corners of the box.
    Handmade cardboard monkey
  9. A box for soap with your own hands with a monkey is ready.
    DIY monkey made of cardboard

How to make a monkey from cardboard

Gift wrapping in the form of a monkey

For very little money and with the help of simple blanks, we got a fun soap packaging as a gift for children, loved ones, fathers and mothers for all upcoming holidays this year of the Fire Monkey. We hope that our ideas will inspire you to create such a package. Additionally, such a box can be packed in transparent mica or donated just like that. In the future, a box of paper with their own hands can be used as a box for small things or just to please the eye.

Monkey do it yourself from paper and cardboard

Colored cardboard monkey

Monkey made of cardboard do it yourself

Craft monkey made of cardboard

Monkey Cardboard Pattern

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