According to the eastern calendar, 2016 is the year of the Monkey. On this occasion, we offer to make a package with your own hands with the symbol of the coming year, because the New Year is just around the corner, and so much is still needed.

You can pack soap with your own hands, bath bombs, candles, self-made cosmetics and much more into such a handbag.

For a paper bag with a monkey you will need:

  1. 2 sheets of A4 corrugated cardboard for the package itself.
    stationery set on the table
  2. 1 sheet A4 brown cardboard.
  3. 1 A4 sheet of orange or beige cardboard.
  4. 1 sheet A4 pink cardboard.
  5. Satin ribbon – 50 cm.
  6. Pencil.
  7. Black pen.
  8. PVA glue.
  9. Double-sided tape.
  10. Stapler.
  11. Scissors.
  12. Stationery knife.
  13. Ruler.
  14. Compass or a ruler with circles.

Step-by-step instruction:

The design of the crafts will take two stages, the stage of creating the face of a monkey and the stage of designing the handbag-packaging.

Monkey muzzle pattern

Stage 1 – paper monkey

The monkey’s muzzle consists of several elements, which, for clarity, we placed on a piece of paper in the cell.

  1. We create a head on a brown cardboard using a compass or a round ruler – draw 2 circles with a diameter of 12 cm (element 1) (by the way, the CD has just the required diameter), then draw eyes – 2 circles with a diameter of 1 cm (element 2).
  2. On a pink cardboard draw randomly sponge (element 3).
  3. On the orange cardboard create a forehead, according to the drawings (element 4), and draw 4 eyelets – circles with a diameter of 5 cm (element 5).blanks for monkey packaging paper oval

    Also cut out the face of a monkey from the orange cardboard.

  4. From the cut out cardboard parts, this is what should turn out:
    blank for making your own hands
  5. Begin to glue the details of the front of the PVA.monkey face handbag parts - monkeys  monkey face cut out of cardboard monkey face with cardboard with sponges
  6. After the sponges have been glued, first mark with a simple pencil, and then point with a black paste or a marker a smile, nostrils and add volume to the face.
    ready preparation muzzle of a monkey
  7. Glue the ears to the second (occipital) brown circle, paying attention to the fact that they are on the same level with the ears on the front.
  8. This is what should happen.muzzle and back of a monkey's handbag

We postpone our wonderful billets and proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Designing a Christmas bag with a bow

  1. Let’s start with the creation of a bow template, for clarity, the cells can be calculated. We transfer the template to a bright pink cardboard and cut it with scissors and / or clerical knife.bow pattern on squared paper 14
  2. Now proceed to the box itself. Everything is simple, the bow is ready, so you can use our scheme for clarity and immediately construct on the selected cardboard.15 16
  3. We cut out and this is what we got: 2 elements with bow handles, a base and a box.
  4. Now we get the blanks – monkeys, and glue them with white glue, or you can attach double-sided tape to the sides of the bag. 18 1920
  5. We fasten the side and bottom of the stapler.
  6. The next step is to fix the box to the sides with the bottom using glue and double-sided tape.  23
  7. Here, practically, and everything, the handbag with a monkey is ready.

It remains only to pack the desired gift and tie up with an elegant ribbon, in tune with bright sponges.

We have a hand-made 3D candle, 7 cm in diameter, in a roomy handbag. We are just sure that you will also be able to pack something unusual for the New Year to your friends in such a box, for example, such festive handmade soap: Mint candy.