Creating soap as a gift for men, I want to pack it in some creative way. We have an interesting idea for packaging gift soap with logos of sports clubs. These are wonderful gifts for the Day of lovers, for February 23 or Birthday to dear men. Knowing which football club, hockey or basketball team is supported by your young man, find the emblems of clubs on the Internet. Print them on water soluble and plain paper. With water soluble fill in the soap with a picture. Emblem from plain paper paste to cardboard. It remains the case for small, to collect simple boxes of cardboard on the templates. By the way, the emblems of the clubs for the boxes can get you in the stationery departments of supermarkets, among ordinary notebooks or inexpensive notebooks.

Gift wrapping for men

Packaging on February 23 with their own hands

For boxes you will need:

  1. Square leaf of cardboard with a logo, size 16cm × 16cm.
  2. Square leaf of one-color cardboard in the color of the sports club form, 19.5 cm × 19.5 cm.
  3. Pencil, ruler, scissors.

DIY gift wrapping

Gift Wrap Template

  1. We create templates of simple boxes, for clarity, we place them on a piece of paper in a cell. Please note that the base of the lid should be slightly larger than the base of the box in order to connect to each other safely. In our case, the boxes measuring 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm are covered with a lid of 8 cm × 8 cm. The height of the box itself is 3 cm and plus 2 cm the height of the lid, which allows the use of boxes for soap up to 4 cm high and with a diameter of 7 cm.
  2. The cover pattern is transferred to thick paper with the selected emblem.Gift wrapping for February 23
  3. Cut along the solid lines.
    Gift wrapping by February 23
  4. Begin to bend along the dotted lines.
    Packaging on February 23 with their own hands
  5. We collect the packaging lid for men’s soap, according to the photo and temporarily set aside.
    Gift wrapping for a man with his own hands
  6. We proceed to the creation of the main box and transfer the template to a color cardboard.
    Packing template for February 23
  7. Cut the workpiece and with a ruler bend the walls of the box along the dotted lines.
    Gift wrapping ideas for February 23
  8. We assemble simple boxes for soap without glue.
    Original gift wrap for a man with his own hands
  9. The result is a stable, capacious package for a little soap.
    Gift wrapping options for men
  10. We connect among themselves a box with a cover. Gift boxes for fans of Neymar, Thiago Silva, Oscar and the entire Brazil national football team, ready.
    Packaging design by February 23
  11. Similarly, we collected a few more boxes, for example, packing soap as a gift to dad, brother, husband or son.

Gift wrapping for men

This is the design of gift wrapping for football fans of Messi, Di Maria, Higuain and the whole Argentina national team.

Gift wrapping for men with their own hands

We made boxes for men’s soap for football fans Casillas, Xavi, Iniesta and the whole Spanish national team in the red and yellow colors of the national flag.

DIY gift wrapping

Football fans Chicherito, Ochoa and the whole team of Mexico, creatively packaged gifts in boxes with the logo of the team.

Soap packaging for February 23

Handmade men’s gift wrapping

As a result, out of two small sheets of thick paper and the logo of the football team, we created original packaging for men’s soaps. You can present gifts in such packages for February 23 to your father, for the birthday of your brother or for the Day of lovers to your man. You can put soap with the appropriate football theme or unusual soap with an original male fragrance in the boxes.

Original gift wrapping for men

Gift packaging for men

Gift Boxes