Boxes for soap, made by hand, complement and decorate the already wonderful bar of natural soap. It is not accepted to give soap in its pure form, and this is not hygienic, so we will make a beautiful package with our own hands and present the handmade soap to the recipient.

Packaging for homemade soap as a gift can perform several functions. First of all, the soap wrapped in a film or breathable wrapping paper retains all the aromas embedded in it during preparation. Therefore, this primary packaging, which has direct contact with the cosmetic, will save odors and will not allow bacteria to penetrate the soap. Even such simple packaging for soap can be decorated with the help of satin bows, delicate ribbons, natural twine in eco-style.

Wrapped in film, paper or organza soap can be placed in holiday bags, packaging, handmade boxes that will decorate the gift and give mystery.

You can make a soap box for New Year, children’s, men’s, handmade boxes for Valentine’s Day and with signs of the zodiac, with the same name soap inside, etc.

Soap boxes with zodiac signs

Soap boxes with zodiac signs

Basket for soap

Basket for soap

Packaging for soap

Soap Dessert Packaging

Any box made by hand, begins with a template, which is going to box from scratch. The size of the box is dictated by the overall dimensions of the soap and other gifts for which you conceived packaging.

Soap Box Template

Having the designated size of the gift, you can start creating a small or large soap box with your own hands. Usually the patterns of the main box have simple geometric shapes, square or rectangle. Recently, however, polygons, stars, trapeziums and other polyhedrons have been laid at the base of the gift wrapping.

The simple box template does not require additional construction of the pattern on a separate paper, but is applied directly to the colored cardboard with a ruler and a pencil.

Packaging - monkey handbag

Packaging – monkey handbag

Wrapping for a small gift

Wrapping for a small gift

In the case when the hands-on box scheme is complicated, it is better to print the template on a printer, or build it on a piece of paper or on graph paper by the specified dimensions. Then cut and transfer to thick paper of the selected color.

Gift boxes for soap

On our site, for you, lovely needlewomen, there is a whole section called “Packaging”, where we constantly add gift boxes for soap with a detailed master class each. Here you will find themed packaging, Christmas boxes for packaging soap, just cute bags of paper for gifts with their own hands, etc.

There are still so many holidays ahead, for which you probably have already scheduled, what kind of soap you will cook with your own hands. If you do not come up, go to our website, we promise a lot of new products. And yet, packing boxes for soap, offered on the site, is easy to make, and they are not expensive at all.