The fragrant sea salt bath calms down after a busy day, relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation, increases vitality and simply improves your mood. Sea salt, saturated with useful substances, made in a home cosmetic workshop, with the addition of aroma oils and a harmless dye, can be an excellent gift for loved ones, you just need to pack it beautifully. We offer to make such a simple and charming butterfly with mint sea salt, the recipe of which is also on our website, or any other one created according to your wishes.

Bath salt packaging

To make simple butterfly-shaped packages with sea salt, you will need:

Bath salt

Sea Bath Salt

  1. Sea salt.
  2. Plastic bags with a clip (in our case, 10cm × 12cm).
  3. Small elastic bands (for weaving bracelets, for example).
  4. Foil wire, or pieces of ordinary, multi-colored wire 10 cm long.
  5. Bright clothespins.
  6. Decorative eyes and stars on self-adhesive.
  7. Feathers (optional).

Step by step packing instructions for sea salt:

1. Pour sea salt in a bag with a clip.Bath salt

Bath salt packaging

2. If you are cooking Butterflies with salt and salt as a gift, then you can pour it “by eye”, about one third of the bag. If the salt is handmade for sale, then it must be weighed. After all, it is necessary to calculate the cost of production, and the label with the composition and weight will not be superfluous either. In a bag with a size of 10 cm × 12 cm, we poured 100 grams of salt.Handmade packaging template

3. We close the bag, releasing the air out of it, and roll up the unfilled portion of the package, twisting the clamp inwards. A red border (as in our case) can be cut in advance.

DIY packaging template

4. We overtighten a bag of salt with a rubber band by 2-3 times, tighter.

DIY sea salt packaging

Packaging Bath Salt Pattern

  1. Through rubber we pass the wire, it will be the antennae of our butterfly.

Sea salt packaging pattern

Bath Salt Packaging

In principle, it is possible to stop there, but there is no limit to inspiration, and we will continue.

  1. With the help of clothespins, feathers, eyes and scarlet lips we will revive our butterfly.

Sea salt packaging template

To do this, we will sell feathers under the rubber band, and glue the eyes and red sponges on the clothes peg (the stars were cut from self-bonding).

  1. Well, that’s all, we admire.

Bath salt packs

DIY Salt Bath Packaging

Bath Salt Packaging

Sea salt photo packaging

Gift wrapping result

This butterfly is enough for a couple of relaxing baths. Butterflies with salt are made very quickly, the cost of the packaging material is minimal, and the result is fascinating. Useful little presents can be prepared for colleagues on New Year’s Day or March 8th.