How is it most pleasant to congratulate friends and relatives on Valentine’s Day? Give them something beautiful and fragrant, albeit small, but made with their own hands. Therefore, we offer you to make such small pieces of soap from the base, of different shapes, sizes and colors. The basis of our success was such an interesting shape for soap, so we managed to make a beautiful soap from the foundation with our own hands for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines recipe from soap do it yourself

  • 190 grams of white soap base
  • 1 teaspoon – wheat germ base oil
  • 20 drops of fruit and vanilla flavors
  • Red liquid dye pigment
  • Gold pigment pearl
  • Silver glitter
  • Form for soap LOVE
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How to make soap from the base for Valentine’s Day

  1. Prepare all the ingredients, utensils and containers, as it will be necessary to act quickly enough. Cut the whole white base into small identical cubes.
  2. Put the chopped white base to be heated in a water bath or in a microwave. Constantly stir the base, do not bring to a boil, the heating should take place evenly.
  3. When the base is completely melted, add wheat germ oil, mix, then add all flavors and mix again.
  4. Sprinkle the form with alcohol and fill half of the molds with a white base in the spread. If in some places you drop the foundation, nothing terrible, it will give a certain charm to the pink soap, and the rest can always be cleaned with a knife. After pouring, sprinkle the soap with alcohol to remove bubbles from the surface.
  5. In a melted white base, add 1 drop of red pigment, mix until a uniform color and fill the second batch of molds with soap. Sprinkle with alcohol again.
  6. If the base has started to harden, heat it up a little, until the base is completely dissolved, and then add a few drops of flavoring, as with additional heating the perfume disappears. Add a few more drops of red pigment and fill the rest of the molds.
  7. After you have filled the entire base in all molds, let the soap harden. Then, using a knife, thin kitchen or stationery, cut off all the influxes and irregularities, so that your soap would eventually become beautiful. Remove the soap from the mold.
  8. Two pieces of white soap of your choice, rub your finger with gold pearl, and one with silver glitter.

Video how to make valentines from soap base


As a result of your work, you get 26 pieces of beautiful pink and white soap from the base, which can be presented as valentines to your family and friends. The aroma is pleasant, sweet vanilla, sweetish is certainly suitable for this occasion. You spend on the preparation of such soap no more than half an hour, taking into account the preparations.