This is a very fragrant body lotion, light creamy texture. It is applied on the skin easily, does not leave a greasy film, and the vanilla smell will remind you of comfort for a long time. In fact, this cream is not made difficult, you just collect the necessary components and proceed to the magic. And so, here’s a recipe for fragrant vanilla body cream with your own hands:

Coconut Body Cream

  • 7 grams – emulsion wax
  • 9 grams – coconut oil first extraction
  • 9 grams – cocoa butter (butter)
  • 73 grams – purified water
  • 2 grams – vegetable glycerin
  • 10 drops vanilla essential oil

Recipe for Vanilla Cream with Coconut Oil

  1. Put emulsion wax, coconut oil and cocoa butter in one container and melt in a water bath, do not bring to a boil.
    oils and emulsion wax for cream do it yourself
  2. In a separate container, mix water and glycerin, heat and mix thoroughly.
  3. After the oils have melted, without removing from the stove, add the aqueous mixture. Stir the mixture well and then remove the pan from the heat..melted butter with water and glycerin in a saucepan
  4. Allow to cool and blend the mixture to a uniform structure to form a creamy mixture. cocoa butter vanilla body cream on corolla
  5. Then add essential oil. coconut body cream and vanilla essential oil
  6. Pour a jar in which the lotion will be stored with boiling water, cool a little and pour the mixture into it. So your cream will be stored a little longer.

vanilla coconut body lotion recipeBody Cream with Coconut and Vanilla Flavor

As a result, you get a very fragrant creamy body lotion. This cream will be stored for about 3 months. If you want to extend the life of your lotion, add preservatives, however, we try to make cosmetics more natural, and in three months this body cream will disappear. After all, the aroma of this cream you want to feel again and again.

You can add other essential oils to your liking, and which one is better for your skin, see the article: Effect of Essential Oils.

Recipe taken from the American blog: