Making soap from remnants at home, this process is no less fascinating than making the soap itself. You have accumulated a lot of pieces of unsuccessful or non-foaming soap, soap that has lost its former flavor, or just soap scraps, do not rush to leave them mercilessly. Believe me, soap from the remnants at home can be turned into worthy copies of the soap collection, and no one will ever guess that these are remnants of the former or soap from the remnants with their own hands.
Soap from the remnants of their own hands

How to make soap from the remnants

Let us consider in more detail how to cook soap at home from remnants in several ways, and what to do with soap remnants?

If you are going to melt the soap from the soap base, then in this case it is necessary to act on the principle of “melted the old and filled the new.” As always, it is easiest to work with soap made from a soap base. The time spent on the soap from the remnants will be from 15 to 30 minutes. At the same time, you can enrich the melted soap from the base with an impressive color, a favorite aroma and give it a new shape.

The second option – making soap from the remnants of the home from industrial (children’s) soap. For this process, it is necessary to soak the remains of soap finely grated on a grate soak for several hours in water or milk, and then boil in a water bath for several hours. For better melting, you can add honey or sugar, and at the end to saturate with color, smell and scrub particles, for example.

If soap is supposed to be made from soap from scratch with your own hands, then the same rules of HS are observed, with one not unimportant deviation, alkali is already in soap, which means we will add flavors, color, heat, glycerin and everything that the soul desires.

Soap from the remnants at home

Soap from the remnants at home

In view of the fact that the pre-sap of soap from scratch has the most questions in its production, we’ll dwell on this method in more detail and dispel all fears, as it is not difficult to cook soap from the remnants with your own hands at home.

So, you have pieces of unsuccessful soap, brewed in a cold or hot way, and you want to overdo the soap.

How to make soap from the remnants

  1. To begin with, it is necessary to weigh the soap pieces in order to determine the further proportions of the components and directly with the mold for the new soap.
  2. Next, three grated soap in the water bath capacity, if the soap was old, stale and dry, you need to add some water or milk.
  3. We send the workpiece to a water bath or in the oven and cook soap from the remnants at home from 30 minutes to 2 hours in the hot way.
  4. We boil the mass until the soap chips are completely dissolved, if a lot of liquid has been added, then we evaporate it.
  5. In the finished homogeneous mass, you can add color, edges, dried flowers and your favorite essential oils.
  6. We lay out the soap mass in the form, tapping on the walls or mold on the table, for an even distribution of soap.
  7. Leave to freeze for several hours.
  8. After solidification, we remove an attractive piece of soap, let it dry for a while and can be used.

Soap from remnants

Soap from the remnants of their own hands

Now you know how to digest soap from the remnants of effortlessly. Only desire and a few free hours of time are needed This time we have described the easiest ways of making soap from the remnants. There are more interesting recipes for overcooking soap using a large amount of glycerin to produce a transparent soap, using multi-colored pouring layers, making liquid soap from remnants, etc., which we will be happy to share in our next articles.