In winter, my hair is constantly charged with static electricity and this is not the energy that I would need. Sweaters, blankets, public transport, everything makes the hair fly and fuzz. A rather unpleasant feeling. That’s why we started searching for an interesting recipe for antistatic spray for the winter period and found this:

Spray antistatic hair

  • 55 ml – distilled water
  • 10 ml – Polysorbate-20
  • 9 ml – Camellia Base Oil
  • 9 drops – cardamom essential oil
  • 2 drops – rose essential oil
  • 80 ml spray bottle

Antistatic hair at home

  1. spray antifreeze, antistatic hair spray do it yourselfPour polysorbate-20, base and essential oils into a prepared bottle for your future spray.
  2. Shake the closed bottle so that the components are connected.
  3. Add some water and shake again to mix the water.
  4. Add the remaining water and shake the bottle again. Spray should get a homogeneous structure. This is due to the polysorbate-20 emulsifier, which allows it to disperse the oil in water. Polysorbate also has excellent antiseptic agents.

Winter hair spray

As a result, you get a light yellow liquid, very fragrant with a light texture. Remember that spray on hair should be in small quantities and at least one hour before leaving the house. The spray contains water, so the hair must have time to dry before encountering frosty air or cold wind. Also spray on a little bit the hair very quickly becomes greasy, and washing too often does not always benefit your hair.

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